What exactly is a styled shoot

and what kind do you offer?

Styled Shoot

In short, we bring together top tier vendors to create a beautiful setup that will give attendees the opportunity to get images such as portraits, couples, table settings, floral, flat lays, cake tables and more to build their dream portfolio. We currently focus on staged wedding and elopement shoots, but we hope to expand to design other setups to collaborate on.

A team of vendors, and multiple set ups at the same location

Content days


A smaller group shooting multiple locations

We focus on a few days of capturing content and leaving with new friends

About Mirrorball Collective

Stlyed shoots | content days | retreats

Mirrorball was started to bring together photographers, videographers, and all types of vendors to create a community who all have the same passion: events. We love bringing fun, modern ideas to life, stepping outside the box, while still having that real event feel.

Mirrorball Collective has grown to be a team of people who love events, community, and the occasional dance party. We focus on all types of events but wedding and elopement styled shoots are our jam. Follow us to see where we kick off our shoes next.



Alexis is our founder and visionary behind Mirrorball Collective, she has a profound love of a champagne tower for someone who hates champagne, and is hugely obsessed with every romantic comedy to ever come out.

Alexis graduated from Grand Valley State University with a major in Hospitality and Tourism Management, while in school she founded her first (of many) businesses by starting her own photography business. Since then she has worked on several projects, our favorite of which being Mirrorball Collective, a culmination of all of her favorite things: events, photography, and planning (especially when there is leftover florals).

When not planning shoots for Mirrorball, Alexis is most often in a different part of the country, or sometimes not even in the country. Jetsetting should be her middle name, she’s been to 33 countries and is planning her next adventure as we type this. When at home, she spends as much time as possible with our Mirrorball Mascot, Brimley, and a ton of time with friends.

Favorite rom com: 27 Dresses

Myers Briggs: ENFP

Enneagram: 9


Lily is a wizard with our social media, chances are if you laughed at a caption or loved the song choice on a Tik Tok that was Lily. She comes to us as a senior at the University of Minnesota, specifically in their School of Management with a major in Marketing and minor in Strategic Management.

All these things to say, she keeps us in line, and keeps those posts flowing.

When not creating content and making us look pretty, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, board games, arts and crafts and karaoke! She’s braver than us all.

Favorite rom com: 27 Dresses

Myers Briggs: INFJ

Enneagram: 9


Bree is our vendor expert, she helps us reach out to and secure vendors, communicates with attendees, and brings a new level of organization to our shoots, you should see her spreadsheets. If you’re talking to Mirrorball, Bree is the one talking back.

She is currently a senior at Grand Valley State University studying Hospitality and Tourism Management with an emphasis in event planning. Bree is also a photographer, which helps her to communicate the benefits of a styled shoot to all involved.

When not working with Mirrorball, she loves spending time with friends and family or traveling to new places.

Favorite rom com: How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days

Myers Briggs: ESFJ